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Theese are selected shiprights and shipyards, S&S Swan specialists recomended by our Members. We do not accept suggestions by other people.

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Walsteds Boardyard
Thuro, 5700 Svendborg
Among many other things Walsted has changed the entire teak deck and installed electrical anchor winch. The quality of the work is superp and we can strongly recommend this boatyard to other SWAN owners. Walsteds Boadyard has for years new build / renovated Sparkman and Stephens yachts
Recommended by: Jorgen Kristensen (38/059 Jacaranda)
Ola Hallman
Swan specialized shipyard in Finland since 1976.
Recommended by: Jens Anker Sørensen (431/029 Juice)
Strat-O-Sphere (Antibes)

They are GRP and “Old Swans” specialist, and have been working on many S&S Swans (e.g. 38/067 Only You) deck hardware, in South of France, for nearly two decades: contact Lauren von Saenger +33 611 555 406 .

Recommended by: Matteo Salamon (47/069 Vanessa)
Chantier Naval Eric de Stefano (Antibes)
12 bis Boulevard d`Aguillon, 06600 Antibes.
Tel: 04 93 33 69 91, Fax: 04 93 33 01 64
Can overhaul your boat, they are extremely careful, and they do love old S&S Swans!
Recommended by: Christopher Smith (44/037 Favona)
Hydro-Froid, "Sirius C"
Chemin du Val fleuri, 06800 Cagnes-sur-Mer.
Tel: 04 93 31 93 63, Mobile: 06 07 03 84 34, Fax: 04 93 31 16 46.
Contact: Pascal Rouan - Artisan Frigoriste.
Recommended by: Christopher Smith (44/037 Favona)
SMF Port Grimaud
SMN replaced our teak deck in 2003, did the epoxy treatment of the hull in 2009, and replaced our standing rigging in 2011. All to our satisfation. This is a very dedicated and competent team to look after your Swan
SMN Chantier Naval de Port Grimaud 83310 Port Grimaud Tel: 33 (0)4 94 56 02 25 Yard manager: Patrick Chevalier Mail: smn@smn-port-grimaud.fr Internet site: smn-port-grimaud.fr Patrick speaks english.
Recommended by: Philippe Vidal (41/022 Soeur Anne)
Ramm Yacht Service
Hans-Werner Ramm, Schauenburgerstr. 17, D-22880 Wedel, Mobil + 49 (0)171 9283033, Telefon: + 49 (0) 4103 9883203, Fax + 49 (0) 4103 97141.
In 2002 I hired a guy to put down some teak deck in the cockpit and during discussions it turns out he has spent a great deal of time working on and restoring S&S Swans and had the pleasure or working with Rod Stephens. He has proven to be the best individual I have come across in 30 years of sailing and if there is any work which I need a hand with or don't have time to do myself he is the only one I trust to do the job. I even prefer his solutions to mine
which is for me a hard thing to admit.
Recommended by: Michael St. John, (40/ 028 Storm Svale)
Elio Borio

Deck Hardware Specialist - La Spezia area, Italy, phone +393387073619, email: borio.elio@gmail.com

I just wont to point out to all our friends from S&S how Elio's work has been unbelievable. He fixed the center board on my S&S Swan 47 and he was able to incredibly design and mount a bowsprit. Really a pro!
Ciao a tutti Roby

He's been responsible of the maintenance of 38/067 Only You for a few years and of the total refitting of 47/069 Vanessa. I can say: "He's just # 1!"

Recommended by: Roby Aimone, (47/058 Lolita) - Matteo Salamon (47/069 Vanessa)

The Italian Best Shipyard for Refurbishing Teak Decks Via Domenico Cuneo 355 - Calvari - S. Colombano Cert. - 16040 GENOVA Phone +393356596532

If you want to have a first class teak deck on your beloved S&S Swan in Italy, call Franco Caffarena , he's one of the best!

Recommended by: Matteo Salamon (38/067 Only You)
Massimo Orlandini
Electrical and Electronic Specialist (based in Tuscany, travels all over the world)
Technician No 1 in the world, no compromise!!!
+39-329-4906154 - etruriaservice@gmail.com
Recommended by: Stefano Cioni (411/009 Oracabessa) and Matteo Salamon (47/069 Vanessa)
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