NEWS 2020

Our first 20 years!

Friday 27 March 2020

Dear S&S Swan Association Members, and Friends,

the S&S Swan Association was founded in 2000, what did we do in ours first 20 years?

Here you are, this is a synthetic resume of what we did and what we now have, available and free:

We are now 620 Associated Members*, in five continents
We uploaded on our website a huge number of documents/files:
209 Thechnical Drawings (S&S/Nautor)
130 Articles  on S&S Swan
1,443 photos of S&S Swan
37 Documented restoration
18 Selected Shipyard** 
70 Original Manuals***
10 Technical Tips***
1 Rod Stephens book***
40 Member's Boats are for sale, directly by Owners
298 are the newsletters sent since 1st February 2008

If you think we can do more for you, and if you have copy of articles, drawings, letters to/from shipyard/Rod Stephens which are not online and would like to share these docs on Association website, we are absolutely happy to receive and upload all you can send!


* To be a Member of the S&S Swan Association you must be a S&S Swan Owner. Nautor built 823 Swan on S&S design, 42 have been lost, so we are 620, on a total of 782 surviving boats
** We only publish details of Shipyards suggested by Members. 
*** available only to Members