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S&S Swan General - Windvane steering Swan 40
16 October 2014 - 21:15
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Dear Richard
The backstay chainplate does not have a T-section glassed in, there are just transverse bolts through the GRP knee with nuts and washers on the other side.
The bracket holes are at the chainplate bottom end, where the loads are very low, and the holes can therefore be close to the chainplate if required.
A bracket below the transom as well as the unsupported shaft above the blade will be in the water when you are sailing fast and the stern wave rises high enough, but this has little influence on speed.
Kind regards

25 October 2014 - 13:31
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Richard, photos of fitting of Hydrovane on my 411. The distance of Hydrovane rudder is just 6 inches away from the main rudder which is at the very back of the 411 unlike the 41. This distance is the minimum recommended for clean water flow over the surface of the Hydrovane rudder. I had a wooden block made to fit at the bottom fitting as it was cheaper than the plastic one sold by Hydrovane. My local stainless steel guy made up larger washers to fit the space available on the inside.

Hydrovane on 411

Hydrovane on 411

25 October 2014 - 13:34
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Additional photo for 411

03 January 2015 - 15:54
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Has anyone hands-on experience of windvane steering on a S+S Swan 40, particularly Hydrovane and Pacific Pilot Plus, both of which have an auxiliary rudder ? I know this will spoil the looks of my boat to some extent but for short-handed ocean sailing my experience of electric autopilots is not good. Any views on pros and cons of these or similar systems in real life situations would be welcome. The pendulum systems which use the boat's rudder require steering lines in the cockpit so I would be very reluctant to fit one.

Dear Richard
I sail ed My father swan 40 Bellagioia for 28 years. We had a windvane with its own rudder for 25 years. The name Is mustafa and it Is italian.

The more Wind the best, and it also work ed with spinnaker up to 15/17 knoots.

In stormi conditions it was better than anyone in board.

I now have a 47 and a missed the windvane maybe i Will puttini one on.

Mustafa Is very strong and has its own rudder so you may use the main rudder sa a trim met.

16 November 2017 - 17:36
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Richard. 1. It is easier to fit the Hydrovane when out of the water. Takes one day. You will need a wooden pad made up for the bottom fixing. Cheaper than the plastic one offered by HV. 2. No noticeable problems with steering. 3. Never broached with HV. 4. I put my rudder on at beginning of the season and remove at the end. 5. I am copper coated so is the HV rudder. 6. Relatively easy to disconnect steering when under way.You have to lean over the back to reach control knob. 7. I have the tall vane which hits the SS post when sailing downwind. Recently borrowed a stuby vane but same problem. I am still in the water for a couple of weeks if you would like a trial sail and to see the installation. East coast based this winter. I can confirm VERY GOOD service from Hydrovane staff when things go wrong.

John Bailey, 

am thinking of putting a Hydrovane on Ravn, 411.  Could you kindly advise place to go for the bying it and also have it installed, in South-England. Boat from Norway but planning to go to England next summer

Thorbjorn / Ravn

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