NEWS 2023

10th S&S Swan Rendez-vous

Sunday 26 March 2023

10th S&S Swan Rendez-vous
dedicated to Lars Ström
(by invitation only)

Notice of Race now available

28 June . 2 July 2023

Marciana Marina, Elba Island, Mediterranean Sea

Provisional Participants List (44 Participants):

36/007 Josian, Eugenio Alphandery, from Italy

37/031 Tikka III, Luca Alessandrelli & Laura Palombi, from Italy

38/013 Ann, Giorgio Setti, from Italy

38/017 Mascalzone Latino, Vincenzo Onorato, from Italy

40/043 Teragram, Maria Vittoria Destefanis, from Italy

40/047 Star Swan, Duarte Champalimaud, from Portugal

41/008 Windrush, Mikko Simola, from Finland

41/025 Lithian, Matteo&Federica Cattaneo, from Italy

411/031 Riff, Massimo Nadalin, from Italy

43/045 Magia II, Enrico Scopesi, from Italy

43/047 Kokkola, Vittorio Ghizzoni, from Italy

44/014 Four Winds, Leonardo Servi, from Italy

44/016 Selene, Bernabò Visconti, from Italy

44/036 Sehkraft, Matthias Maus&Edith Lange, from Germany

44/051 Safa, Horace Dediu, from Finland

44/060 Un Amour de Swan, Giandomenico Iannetti, from Italy

44/047 Solano, Cesar Chuffart, from France

44/058 Deneb, Antonio Puntello, from Italy

44/067 Joconde, Saverio Rotella, from Italy

47/002 Hypatia, Giulio&Ariane Bergamaschi, from Italy

47/002 Dream, Francesco Pennesi Persio, from Rome

47/016 Grampus II, Matteo&Matteo d’Agostino

47/017 MyLow, Fiamma Briziarelli, from Italy

47/037 Matilda, Melanie Kohlhoff, from Germany

47/039 Outrageous, Fabrizio Saveriano, from Italy

47/041 Tortuga, Filippo&Alina Masci, from Italy

47/047 Aorangi, Jayne Koehler, from Italy

47/051 Djata, Antonio&Cristina Ortolani, from Italy

47/056 Black Tie, Massimo Crovetto, from Italy

47/069 Vanessa, Matteo&Giulia Salamon, from Italy

48/015 Rendez-Vous, Jose Aguinaga, from Spain

48/016 Themis, Ulli&Holger Meyer, from Germany

55/012 Gandalf Whight Sorcerer, Michele Bruno, from Italy

57/003 Explorer, Don McIntyre and Jane Zhou, from Australia

57/004 White Shadow, Jean-Christophe Petit, from France

57/006 Matchless, Giacomo Bei, from Italy

57/007 Algol V, Yves Mendegris, from France

57/015 Lintu, Jyrki Mäki, from Finland

57/025 Yellowdrama, Stephen Matthews, from UK

57/037 Bianca di Navarra, Camillo Manfredini, from Italy

65/005 Saida, Jurg Schneider, from Switzerland

65/020 King's Legend, John Vincent, from United Kingdom

65/033 Libelula, Placido Arango, from Spain

65/039 Mascalzone Latino, Vincenzo Onorato, from Italy