NEWS 2022

10th S&S swan Rendez-vous

Monday 28 November 2022

10th S&S Swan Rendez-vous
dedicated to Lars Ström

28 June . 2 July 2023
Marciana Marina, Elba Island

Provisional Participants List (39 Participants):

36/007 Josian, Eugenio Alphandery, from Italy

37/031 Tikka III, Luca Alessandrelli, from Italy

37/052 Tikka, Ezio&Malilla Lancellotti, from Italy

38/013 Ann, Giorgio Setti, from Italy

38/017 Mascalzone Latino, Vincenzo Onorato, from Italy

40/047 Star Swan, Duarte Champalimaud, from Portugal

41/008 Windrush, Mikko Simola, from Finland

41/025 Lithian, Matteo&Federica Cattaneo, from Italy

411/029 Aegir, Nello Zotta, from Italy

411/031 Riff, Massimo Nadalin, from Italy

43/047 Kokkola, Vittorio Ghizzoni, from Italy

44/014 Four Winds, Leonardo Servi, from Italy

44/036 Sehkraft, Matthias&Edith Maus, from Germany

44/051 Safa, Horace Dediu, from Finland

44/060 Un Amour de Swan, Giandomenico Iannetti, from Italy

44/047 Solano, Cesar Chuffart, from France

44/058 Deneb, Antonio Puntello, from Italy

47/002 Hypatia, Giulio&Ariane Bergamaschi, from Italy

47/002 Dream, Francesco Pennesi Persio, from Rome

47/012 Quest, Guillaume Hannotin, from France

47/016 Grampus II, Matteo&Matteo d’Agostino

47/017 MyLow, Fiamma Briziarelli, from Italy

47/037 Matilda, Peter Kohlhoff, from Germany

47/039 Outrageous, Fabrizio Saveriano, from Italy

47/041 Tortuga, Filippo&Alina Masci, from Italy

47/047 Aorangi, Jayne Koehler, from Italy

47/051 Djata, Antonio&Cristina Ortolani, from Italy

47/058 Black Tie, Massimo Crovetto, from Italy

47/069 Vanessa, Matteo&Giulia Salamon, from Italy

55/012 Tauranga, Michele Bruno, from Italy

57/004 White Shadow, Jean-Christophe Petit, from France

57/006 Matchless, Giacomo Bei, from Italy

57/007 Algol V, Yves Mendegris, from France

57/015 Lintu, Jyrki Mäki, from Finland

57/025 Yellowdrama, Stephen Matthews, from UK

57/037 Bianca di Navarra, Camillo Manfredini, from Italy

65/005 Saida, Jurg Schneider, from Switzerland

65/020 King's Legend, John Vincent, from United Kingdom

65/039 Mascalzone Latino, Vincenzo Onorato, from Italy

S&S Swan are Strongest than the Killer Whales

Wednesday 29 June 2022


Sparkman&Stephens engineered and designed Swan are not only the best built boats on earth, but even the strongest and safest. No other boat is able to match them.

In June 18th 2022 one of our S&S Swan (40/007 Migration) was attacked, for three different times, by a family of Orcas, west of Gibrailtair; these marvelous but dangerous mammals are known to be quite tricky in this area, they “love” to bite sailing boats rudders, but they are used to modern, tender, boats, not to indomitable Sparkman & Stephens engineered and designed Swan. 

Our S&S Swan Owner was scared the Orcas could suffer by biting his S&S Swan rudder, which he knew was 100% safe and stronger than their theeths. We are all very relieved the Orcas did not suffer and were able to swim away in total safety!!!

Owner's own words:
"...Our first  interaction started at 36 07.234 N 006 24.108 W and was for 10 min starting at 6:00am on the 18th June.
The Orca returned at 6:30am for ten more minutes after attacking a nearby sailboat, then left to attack a third sailboat.
They returned again at 8:00am for a more sustained attack of 30 minutes, before leaving finally.
In the first attack the most of the Hydrovane rudder was snapped off, the remainder of the hydrovane rudder was lost in the second attack.
The third attack focused on the main rudder and ramming the hull under the cockpit.
The adult female was ramming and bumping the boat. The two juveniles focused their attention on the rudders and the skeg..."

At the end of the three attacks his Swan designed by Sparkman&Stephens (thanks Rod Stephens and his fanatical attention to safety and strength) was as a matter of fact strong and did not suffered any major problem, the Owner just remarked some play on the rudder quadrant, so went on sailing towards a safe marina to properly check the steering system. As soon as he had the possibility, he dismantled the quadrant from the shaft, which has been designed to be softer than the stainless steel rudder stock, and to protect it by absorbing itself all shots, and started to fix the problem.

Thanks to our amazing community a lot of Members offered help and wise advise on how to fix the problem and have the S&S Swan ready for another 50 years. At least.

Can you say that of any other modern boat…? mmm...

Onboard S&S Swan Association we have more than 600 Members from all over the world, all of them S&S Swan Owner, and among them there is a well known oceanographer (and by the way Owner of S&S Swan 40/028 Storm Svale), so we asked him an opinion on the Orcas and their attack, please read his words very carefully:

"...I have spent a lot of time figuring out where food for these guys live.  From what I know, stay off the shelf and away from the area where there is a rapid shallowing of the water column... this is where their food is in high densities and they will be in these areas... so stay way off shore! 
If you need to go in take the most direct route.  Not a guarantee but shall we say based on the best scientific knowledge... of course you are also dealing with the laws of probability...."
Mike St. John