NEWS 2024

2024 S&S Swan Capraia Rally

Friday 05 April 2024

Members of the S&S Swan Association are going to gather with their own S&S Swan, 21 . 22 . 23 June 2024, in Capraia Island (Tuscan Archipelago) for a special week end to them dedicated.
We are working in collaboration with Marina di Capraia.

Provisional participation list:

Since our last newsletter we are now able to confirm the TwentyThree participants to the Capraia reunion, they are:


36/007 Josian, from Italy

36/010 Isabella, from Germany

40/043 Teragram, from Italy

40/047 Star Swan, from Portugal

41/025 Lithian, from Italy

41/026 Freya, from Canary Is.

41/047 Maje, from Ireland

411/034 Hirondelle, from Italy

43/043 Kokkola, from Italy

43/045 Magia II, from Italy

431/023 Maiky 3, from Spain

44/016 Selene, from Italy

44/022 Floortje, from the Caribbean

44/056 Deneb, from Italy

47/002 Hypatia, from Italy

47/017 My Low, from Italy

47/039 Outrageous, from Italy

47/041 Tortuga, from Italy

47/051 Djata, from Italy

47/056 Black Tie, from Italy

47/069 Vanessa, from Italy

65/035 Eve, from Australia

65/040 Joie de Vivre, from Brazil

any other S&S Swan Association Members who would like to join us?