8th S&S Swan Rendezvous
Monday 12 June 2017

Dear S&S Swan Association Members and Friends,

after the huge success of our class (the most numerous) at the Rolex Swan Cup in Porto Cervo, we are now working on the 2017 S&S Swan Rendez-vous, scheduled for June 21 - 25, 2017, at Marina di Scarlino:


36/007 Josian, Eugenio Alphandery, from Italy
37/052 Tikka, Ezio & Malilla Lancellotti, from Italy
41/022 Soeur Anne, Philippe Vidal, from France
411/009 Oracabessa, Ben Van Dijke & Amanda Stear, from UK
411/029 Aegir II, Nello Zotta, from Italy
43/047 Kokkola, Vittorio Ghizzoni, from Italy
44/011 Pippus, Alberto, Anna & Emma Pradella, from Italy
44/013 Four Winds, Niels Rasmussen, from France
44/036 Sehkraft, Matthias & Edith Maus, from Germany
44/047 Solano, César Chuffart, from France
47/019 Walidada, Johnny Todhunter, from UK
47/029 Sarabande, Rob Mably, from UK
47/069 Vanessa, Matteo & Giulia Salamon, from Italy
48/039 Age of Swan, Martin Goerke & Stefanie Kamke, from Germany
65/004 Venator, John & Emma Sims-Hildich, from UK
65/005 Saida, Juerg Schneider & Benno Schnider, from Switzerland
65/040 Joie De Vivre, Riccardo Diomelli, from Brazil
76/004 Tigris, Gavin & Niki Howe, from UK

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