Selected Suppliers

In this page you have a list of suppliers which have been strictly selected by the Association based on the unmatchable top quality of their products and the special attention they have towards S&S Swan Association Members. They will even grant special reduced prices to S&S Swan Association verified Members.
  • Andersen Winches

    Andersen Winches are a top quality product, made out of first grade stainless steel and bronze and with an eye to the aesthetic. They are perfect for the beautiful S&S Swans!
    - Contact Australia
    - Contact USA
    - Contact Italy
    - Contact United Kingdom
    - Contact Germany
    When ordering ask to apply the convention between Ronstan and S&S Swan Association

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  • Armare Ropes

    Italian Ropes, best quality and manufacturing, shipped all over the world, spliced on request. They have a special attention for S&S Swan Association Members, please contact Marco Burello mail: and he will get you in touch with your local Armare supplier

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  • CarboWay

    Carbon Gangways, Swim Ladders, Bowsprits...All you need in carbon. They are able to custom make for you, send a message to Carmelo Savastano:

  • GLN

    Being S&S Swan means that supplies of some parts are quite difficult, in particular as many peculiar parts are Nautor made 40/50 years ago and now dismissed.

    At GLN (molds side) in Portugal they have unique knowledge, skills, and machinery on working with metal, mainly by subtraction (machinery), and they are able to 3D scan (or CAD design) and reproduce nearly any metal piece of hardware (e.g. the beautiful fairlead you have on your S&S Swan, made in polished stainless steel).
    Person in charge:

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  • Max Prop

    Max Prop, with a 5 decades history, is one of the most reliable feathering propeller ever designed, and for sure the most  common on S&S Swan.
    Contact , he is the responsible of deealing with  (associated) S&S Swan Owners.

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  • North Sails

    When boats were built to sail forever and in any conditions (as only Swan designed by S&S Swan are) there was one option only, NS. Today you still have the best sail designer in the world working for NS, and an addicted to S&S designed boats: Guido Cavalazzi. mail: 

  • Schenker Watermakers

    Schenker Watermakers, proudly Italian made, are first quality watermakers with a very low energy consumption.
    The Company gets a special attention and dedicated prices for S&S Swan Association Members.

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  • Batteries

    Sironi Batterie, founded in Italy in 1924 and still  managed by the founding family, offers the best available batteries on the market (no cheap/Chinese batt), they can ship all over the world

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