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S&S Swan General - Small boat or big boat, which is best? (and living onboard)
01 May 2020 - 11:47
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Dear Martin,

agree with you, the 48 is probably the most beautiful of the S&S Swan, with a sexy sheerline, I love the deck and she has a very fantastic layout down below!

...but...Julia preferred the 47!

Stay safe!

matteo (47/069 Vanessa)

01 May 2020 - 13:48
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Walidada Hull019

I agree with everything the others have said.  The only observation is that I graduated from a 411 (Hull28) and didn't take into account the huge difference in forces, likewise in cost of everything.  I have no regrets though after 11 years of restoration and a lot of money it is the most rewarding investment I have ever made.

I am getting on and need assistance so with the benefit of amazing advice and help from Lorenzo Loik, a unique and legendary professional (rigger), I have a Bamar elecrric Furler, two aft winches electric and no 3 Stbd electric. 

The 48 is beautiful, and I like the more open cockpit.  I haven't a hood as it spoils the look, but in the Med/Aegean that is OK.  Not sure about long distance Atlantic/Pacific) as it is a bit exposed in the cockpit.   Being a purist I haven't a bow thruster but with practice I have only had a problem occasionally in the very tight French marinas.

I have the closed (safe) aft entry, but I would go for Vanessa's aft entry if there were a choice.  It makes a big difference to every day use, with practically zero real safety trade off.   I have the very large aft cabin option which is amazinglly comfortable and enables you to really chill out away from the folks!

Enjoy...these are collectors items, stronger than any boat today even after 45 years, the best investment you will make.

Jonathan - Walidada

Racing our old rival..Black Tie.

02 May 2020 - 15:27
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The 48 and 47 are both beautiful yachts for sure. The thing that initially got me thinking about the 48 was looking around your boat Martin, a few years back in St. Peter port Guernsey.  I like the traditional lines and the fact it is very similar in configuration to the 38, only much lager of course. I’ve never been aboard a 47. The galley and the addition of a double berth seem to be welcome improvements in the 47. I guess the answer is to have a look at both.

By the sound of it the increased draught will be inconvenient at times but something you get used to and put up with. It would certainly be an issue in some places I’ve visited along the Atlantic coast of France. But every boat is a compromise and finding something that ticks every box I know will be impossible.

Lars, the dog is a labrador poodle / labradoodle. Loves water too and can smell the sea from the car on the way to the coast and starts getting excited long before we can see the water!


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