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S&S Swan Maintenance - Genoa track removed
07 October 2023 - 08:46
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Dear Kaz,
we did the same -- no more teak, but adding two layers of glass/expoxy. In our case, we decided on bi-directional 600g/m² woven fibres. Basically, that was mainly to add to our feeling of being on the safe side and to gain a watertight layer; structurally, it was not necessary.
Now, bi-directionals come in either 0/90° or in 45/45°, and I discussed the advantages with Lars. Luckily, we did that by e-mail, so let me share his words:
"The fiber directions depend on what you want to achieve.
0/90 would stiffen the hull globally, i.e. less deflection when you tension the backstay, but also the deck panels become stiffer.
+45/-45 is rather ineffective globally, but reduces deck deflection more than 0/90 does when the panels are square. For rectangular panels 0/90 is again more effective.
Turning every second layer 45 degrees creates a laminate roughly equally strong in all directions - can be used when no particular load directions are considered.
If the +45/-45 is laid diagonally the fibres will run in 0/90.
The side decks consist of rectangular panels, but the coachroof may have some nearly square ones.
A panel is defined by its supporting edges, can be deck edge, coaming, bulkhead."
I hope that helps -- and I know Lars liked to be helpful.
Best regards,


13 October 2023 - 02:18
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Dear Martin

Thanks for the info. Sorry for the late reply. I have access to woven fiber. It says 24 oz and the pattern is woven perpendicular to each other. I was thinking of biaxial layer with the woven on top. Never done it before. Thanks.

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