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Sail & Rigging - Broken boom
03 July 2012 - 09:49
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Broken boom

I broke the boom on my Swan 44 during a gybe.  It snapped very cleanly just in front of the kicker attachment, where there is a large inspection hole.  The boom is oval-shaped: 203mm*116mm*5mm wall thickness and otherwise in good condition with no corrosion.

Can this be repaired by sleeving and are suitable sleeving sections available?


04 July 2012 - 10:34
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Dear Simon
This is unlikely to be the original boom as it had circular section.
A good metal shop should be able to roll alloy plate to the correct shape for sleeving.
Kind regards

05 July 2012 - 15:46
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Lars: can this also be done for the mast? We have the original Nautor mast on our boat, and I am a bit uncomfortable with the section just above deck level. When we bought the boat, the mast had eight wooden halyard cleats screwed into the material -- unfortunately, inox screws were used.
Meanwhile, one cleat has suddenly fallen off as the aluminum underneath had corroded. If the other cleats hide corrosion underneath as well, there is a double perforation line around the mast just a foot above deck level. We will take the mast down this winter and take a closer look, but I would like to go into it with some ideas how to strengthen the mast. It is an unfortunate spot, I think. Would an interior sleeve work, how long would it have to be (foot to gooseneck?), and how would we be able to construct a sleeve?
Any idea and help is appreciated, of course.
Martin (Age of Swan, 48/039)

06 July 2012 - 10:24
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Dear Martin
Sleeving is possible if you would like to reinforce the mast locally. An internal sleeve could consist of two halves made to fit snugly, and to fabricate them is a demanding job. The length could be abt one foot above and below the affected area, and you have to check if there is something on the inside preventing the sleeves from fitting closely against the inside wall. For example the vang fitting screws may protrude, and the mast cable tube may be in the way.
The sleeve halves should preferably have the joints each side, but they could also be fore and aft if required.
The screws and also the wooden cleats need to be insulated from the mast, information can be found on this forum.
Kind regards

08 July 2012 - 09:11
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Thank you, Lars. I will discuss the idea with the rigger who will do the work. Mainly I am worried because of the screws in the cleats: when the one fell off, the corrosion area was slightly larger than the screw diameter on the inside of the mast but about the size of a 2-Euro-piece on the outside. Multiply that by eight cleats with two screws each, and you get a lot of missing material in the mast.
So I am very glad to hear that sleeving is not totally out of the question. I like that mast.

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