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S&S Swan General - Early Swan 57
10 December 2012 - 23:25
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Early Swan 57
Hi all,

I am going to have a look at one of the earlier Swan 57 hulls. It is well publicised that the S&S split with Nautor focused on a perceived hull strength issue with these hulls (numbers 001 & 002 I believe?). Understanding that the result was increased "flexibility" does anyone anyone know any specifics regarding these problems? Some sources indicate that remedial action was taken to strengthen the hull. Does anyone know whether this took place on the existing hulls or just on those following, and if so what this remedial action was?

Many thanks in advance,

11 December 2012 - 10:34
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Dear snapdragon
The flexibility should show up by now as damage if not remedied.
Pictures of the floors in the bilge would confirm if remedy done or not, but this area is not immediately accessible. The deepest part of the bilge under the battery box would be of interest.
Kind regards

02 May 2013 - 22:05
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i have this kind if problem , but i do not know what to do
when i pull the boat every year i have a crack between hull and keel ,and i also have crack under the battery compartiment , and under tanks
i think this is coming of a bad connection with the inside floor support and it does only affect the very light polyester?
all keel bolts have been checked last year
i inted to reinforce the hull at the lowest part from keel to one meter on the top with epoxyand fiber, but if i could get good info it will help
my contact is
boat is swan 57 alphacentauri /

i am not very worried of this and the boat is strong and we have done ourself a quasi complete refit
we are based in st barthelemy at the moment planing to do a long crossing around the word in the next few yars

thanks for any advice
chardon bruno

crack inside

junction in the front

junction in the back

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