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Sail & Rigging - Swan 37 mast Base
10 May 2013 - 00:40
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Swan 37 mast Base

Hi again, Sorry to be posting so many questions. I hope noone minds.

We have taken the boat out of the water and removed the rig. The base is badly corroded as ew knew. The local rigging guy has looked and his idea is to cut the mast at the top of the damaged section and make a new mast base for the boat to replace the old steel one. The new mast base in the boat will be higher to allow for the amount of mast cut off.we are talking about the mast being 100mm to 150mm shorter so raising the mast base in the boat will not be so difficult he thinks.

I would prefer to replace the damaged bottom like has been done before. we will look into which is better later.

What we really need to know is how long the mast should be? We could work back from a fitting on the mast like the spreaders or the hounds.

I have loooked at the sailplans I can find for the boat on the net but they are all so small I cant read the writing.

Does anyone have the mast measurements?

Thanks as always


11 May 2013 - 08:43
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Dear Fletch
The standard I-measurement is 14.10 m. Upper I is at the masthead (where the headstay extension hits the forward edge of the mast), lower I is 13 cm (4% B) above the sheerline, and there may be a stamped mark on the side of the mast at this point looking like an I on its side |---|. The length below lower I can be determined from this.
Kind regards

17 May 2013 - 14:08
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Thanks Lars!

We have had a small win in that the original steel mast base in the boat may be ok. Good news indeed.

We now just have to rebuild the bottom of the mast. I know this has been covered before but does anyone have any ideas where we could get a smal section of the original mast section? Or any other section that is available that could be similar and bent or made to fit?

I have attached a photo of the Base plug from the mast which is so badly corroded we will have to replace it. By any slim chance can we still buy them? If not anyone have any ideas? I saw one get replaces with G10 plate on the forum, that might be our best bet.


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