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S&S Swan General - Swan 38 Engine
08 June 2013 - 18:09
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Swan 38 Engine
Hi, my old Bukh engine is dead,
witch kind of engine could I buy?
Can someone give me any suggestion?


08 June 2013 - 20:14
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Dear Enzo,

I have a Yanmar 3GMY30, three cil, 29 HP, and I'm totally satisfied, very quiet, performing enough, easy to maintain, that's my positive experience.

Fair winds!

matteo (38/067 Only You)

09 June 2013 - 20:35
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Dear Enzo,

if you had the BUKH DV 20 the BUKH DV 32 (DV 20 with turbo) may be an alternative (that's what we did). Instead also Matteos Yanmar as well as the Volvo D2 40 do fit with the original engine bed.

Fair winds,

Toni (toge, 38/113)

10 June 2013 - 14:22
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Dear Enzo
Pls note that there is also Bukh DV 24 which fits directly. It is interesting that this manufacturer provides a choice of power ratings and reduction ratios for these engines, see their specifications. The ordinary boat owner is usually unable to evaluate the influence of these choices on the performance under power, but I have the means of working out the differences, so feel free to ask. Another thing is, however, if I am able to explain this in an understandable way.
High rpms chosen for maximum power will also mean that higher rpms are needed at cruising speeds. A compromise is usually preferable.
Kind regards

10 June 2013 - 22:05
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Dear Enzo,

In 1986 the Bukh DV 20 of Infant (38/014) was replaced with the Bukh DV 24 ME, which still works perfect, especially after the two blade folding propeller was changed to a 16" x 14" three-blade Flex-o-fold, according to the calculations and instruction of the professor.

All the best


20 June 2013 - 19:35
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Dear Professor
My Bukh 32 Turbo engine (new in 2004) has also irretrievably died
I am looking to replace it with a Yanmar 29 HP
The Yanmar comes with different gear reductions
Which is the appropriate one please?
Many thanks


21 June 2013 - 11:40
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Dear Tom
Assuming the engine is 3YM30.
If you choose a 17" 3-blade propeller the 2.62:1 reduction is suitable. Larger diameter would provide more thrust with the 3.22:1 reduction, but then surgery is needed to the skeg in order to accomodate a 19" propeller.
Which type of propeller do you have in mind?
Kind regards

21 June 2013 - 11:47
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Dear Lars
Yes - it is that model I had in mind
I have a 3 bladed feathering Max Prop at the moment and was hoping to be able to keep that
Kind regards

21 June 2013 - 14:23
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If you can give the exact diameter (mm please)for the Max-Prop I can calculate a suitable pitch setting. Assume it does not have an external pitch setting ring?

21 June 2013 - 18:44
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I will measure the prop when Pandra comes out of the water
Many thanks

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