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Sail & Rigging - Symmetric and assymetric deck layout for a 44
09 November 2013 - 15:44
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Symmetric and assymetric deck layout for a 44
Does somebody have some drawnings of a typical deck layout for a 44 when using symmetric & assymetric spinnakers?

Our 44 has never raced before so we need to buy all deck hardware.
We already found a spinnaker boom.

Thnx in forward.

12 November 2013 - 08:40
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Dear Ice
At the time the 44 was built there was only symmetrical spinnakers, and the deck arrangement reflects this. You would need fittings for fore guy near the bow, and for the aft guys midships. The lugs on the toe rails aft are for the sheet blocks.
If you have an assymetric spinnaker it is suggested that you ask your sailmaker if the sheet blocks aft can be used.
Kind regards

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