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S&S Swan Maintenance - Leaking Harken hatch
31 August 2014 - 19:00
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Leaking Harken hatch
Sorry if this has been discussed before on the Forum. I have tried to search for this but have not been able to find an answer.

The hatch a front of the mast on my '44 is leaking. It is a Harken 450x320. In general it is in good condition the sealing looks OK but it is leaking as soon we have a bit of water on the deck.

What to do? Send to repair or buy a new Goiot quality hatch instead?

All comments are more than welcome.

Kind Regards


31 August 2014 - 23:03
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Dear Bjorn,

are you sure it is Harken and not Lewmar?

Anyway I think Goiot (from Tradition series) are the best products on the market, and they are absolutely the same size of the old ones, so no need to modify anything

Fair winds

matteo (38/067 Only You)

01 September 2014 - 20:44
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Of course it is Lewmar - my mistake.

I am in favour of buying a new from Goiot (Tradition serie)
But at the other hand the Lewmar looks good - but just leak a lot.

Thank you for yoiur reply!

Best form Bjorn

01 September 2014 - 23:26
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Dear Bjorn,

Lewmar hatches are very good ones (especially the hatches from "Ocean" series), and I am sure you can find all the spare parts you need to fix yours, anyway it shouldn't be the original hatch as Nautor used to install Goiot and not Lewmar.

Do you know where is the water coming in from? Usually there are three kind of problems:

1 - the seal is cracked (very easy to replace it)
2 - the water is coming from the base of the lower frame (need to dismantle and re-caulk it)
3 - The lower frame is bended (maybe it was badly detached and now you need to replace this part)

Fair winds

matteo (38/067 Only You)

02 September 2014 - 11:04
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Thank you so much for the information!
I will investigate accordantly,


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