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Sail & Rigging - Height of mast swan 40 / sail materials
18 February 2015 - 11:29
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Height of mast swan 40 / sail materials

On the classicswan website under ''swans by S+S'' two different mast heights are indicated depending on whether steering is by tiller or wheel. What is the reason for this ? As I am considering investing in a new main and genoa does anyone have experience of materials other than Dacron. I only do cruising, coastal and ocean, no racing, so in addition to upwind performance I am looking for reasonable durability.

18 February 2015 - 19:16
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Dear Richard
With tiller steering the main boom had to be much shorter. The roller reefing required the sheet to be at the aft end of the boom, with the sheet track below it, but forward of the tiller.
To retain mainsail area the luff length was increased.
Kind regards

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