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Sail & Rigging - Standing Rigging Replacement
09 May 2015 - 16:28
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Standing Rigging Replacement
I've contracted with a rigging group in the US associated with North Sails to replace the standing rigging on Andiamo (431/25). I want rod for rod and cable for cable replacements plus fittings. They tell me it can't be done because of parts availability.

Are others having this type of issue? How can it be overcome? They suggest I go to cables all around. I wouldn't have bought the boat if it had cables all around to begin with and I wince at the idea of it.

I'd appreciate learning from the group's experiences..

09 May 2015 - 19:33
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This doesnt seem to make sense at all, I am not a rigger but there shouldnt be a reason for you not to have what you want. I'd get a second opinion from a reputable rigger.


09 May 2015 - 23:36
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I agree with Rob, and I would be skeptical of someone who told me it can't be done.

I replaced the standing rigging with all rod on my 44 late 2013, stepping the mast on Friday the 13th in December. There is a discussion with Lars earlier in this thread where he helped specify the parts.

Offshore Spars in Michigan fabricated the rig to my measurements, and shipped to California. Steven King at Offshore is knowledgeable, helpful, and professional, and was considerate of what I wanted. There were minor availability issues with Lewmar stock, but nothing that prevented me from getting what I wanted the way I wanted it.

Good luck

Tonyh 44 004 Hatha

10 May 2015 - 08:04
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Dear Kendall
The early Navtec rod rigging is a factor here. Your Navtec terminals were made with the same dimensions as Norseman wire terminals, easy replacement was the goal. Nowadays the Navtec terminals have different dimensions, and this is likely to be the problem. There may also be terminal types that are not manufactured any more.
Offshore Spars bought the Nautor mast manufacturing in 2002, including the drawings, and should be able to supply suitable standing rigging.
Kind regards

10 May 2015 - 10:40
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Thank you for your input. I had assumed that the replacement parts were more generic. I have already forwarded the information about Offshore Spars the the rigging company doing the work.

The information value here in the S&S Swan Association Forum is very high. Thank you for sharing your valuable experiences.


12 May 2015 - 14:07
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Tiderace II had her mast replaced some 20-25 years ago, and has all rod rigging.

I have been replacing some of the standing rigging, doing the back stay and check stays this spring when the mast was out. The inners and D1s I'll do next spring. (Cash flow!)

The riggers did comment that some of the rigging couldn't be replaced like for like, and that this was due to changes in the design of the rod end fittings and the turn buckles now used. I believe the original kit was Navtec.

That said, there was no issue whatsoever with replacing the rigging with suitable equivalent; and this only came down to the design of the turn buckles, not any issue with type/size of end/spreader fittings etc.

I suggest you contact another rigger to gain their opinion. I cant help with any US contacts, other than suggesting you talk directly to a Nautor brokerage over there and ask them for a recommendation. If you need a UK contact; that I can help out with!

Cheers and good luck
(Tiderace II)

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