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S&S Swan Maintenance - Barker Lurline Extraction fan
02 August 2015 - 13:47
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Barker Lurline Extraction fan
I am trying to find a replacement for the Barker Lurline fan in the heads on my 411.
The company no longer exists. Has anybody found a suitable alternative?

John B
411 010

02 August 2015 - 17:15
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The closest article you can find on the market is now produced by ECS but, apparently, it is not of matching quality.
If I were you I would try by all means to fix the original one, possibly rebuilding parts. It is usually possible with some patience and inventiveness and, at the end, it can be a very rewarding job.
Daniel, 411/004.

02 August 2015 - 17:16
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Hi John,

I am using this Vetus fan. I replaced it recently, and to me it looked like being the original one on the boat.

Regards, Christian 411/028

11 October 2021 - 11:51
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Hi All,

picking up on a somewhat older thread here as there doesn't seem to be a newer one around ...

While hunting down a short circuit I had a look at Kairos' extractor fans over the weekend - 1x Barker Lurline original (still just about working!) in the after and 2x ESC replacements (not working) in the forward heads. 

Looks like the forward fans and selector switches saw their fair deal of seawater, over the years, I could barely turn the blades by hand and the switches are very badly corroded. Actually not much left of the switches at all, even the metal frame is 50% gone.

While the short circuit was of cause caused by a different componenet (at least we found it!) I obviously managed to creaye another job for us by revealing the state of the fans ...

So I'm now looking into replacing of at least the two forward fans & switches but it appears that ESC is now out of business, too - correct?

Believe I identified the Vetus extractor fan for 24V Chris mentioned in his post (see pictures below -  'Vetus FAN24'), looks like it should be the about the correct diameter (although I couldn't measuer the diameter of the duct while on board) but it's not an in-built version i.e. would protude 60 mm from the ceiling unless I can take it appart completely, I suppose.

It hasn't got a 'reverse' & '2-speeds' option either, only two fan speeds, but I think that I could rigg up something with what's reusable from the old selector switches if need be.

Now, before I venture off into the unknown and use the Vetus as is or try modifying it I was wondering if anyone has replaced these fans a bit more recently and maybe found a solution that is a bit closer in keeping with the original?

Or maybe someone has modified the Vetus so it its flush with the ceiling and is happy to share the approach ... 

Thank you very much for your help, much appreciated as always!

Fair winds


Kairos - 57/043

Vetus FAN24

Vetus Fan24 dimensions

15 October 2021 - 22:33
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I installed a modified bilge blower fan and a variable speed (and reversible) controller. The fan is a 4" Attwood bilge blower.

Regards from Toronto

Douglas - Swan 47 - Till

18 October 2021 - 08:10
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Hi Douglas,

thank you very much - the modified Attwood looks like a very neat fit indeed!

I also like that it reportedly has a waterproof/sealed motor unit ... might last a bit longer than the ESC units, I'd hope...

Will definitely go down this route for the forward heads. Might swap the Barker Lurline in the after head for the Vetus the current arrangement is such that the Barker Lurline unit protudes quite a bit into the cupboard in the galley blockingvalueable storage space in a prime location. This would also be the case with an Attwood replacement. Sinde this fan is wall-mounted above the sink/vanity unit the surface-mounting should be less in the way/ less of an issue.

Thanks again

fair winds

Stefan - Kairos 57/043 

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