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Sail & Rigging - Running back stays Flathead main and Graphics 431 Swan
20 March 2016 - 22:28
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Running back stays Flathead main and Graphics 431 Swan

Hello everyone :D

I am new here and so happy to come across this beautiful S/S Swan members site. I am the happy owner of Diogenes , a beautiful Swan 431. 


I am presently procuring quotes for sails :

A Flathead mainsil with some graphics

A 100 and 150 percent Genoa with graphics.

I will be sailing Diogenes from San Francisco down the coast, through the Panama Canal, to Texas et al around the panhandle to New York, (stopping in every state) including some carabean Islands, taking @ two months.


My questions are:

I need recommendations for sailmakers

Does anyone have ideas how I can Attach graphics, that I can latter remove which will not leave marks residue etc


I want to use a flathead main,so the graphics will look great, so can I run ONLY running backstays?, or is there another solution?

I am thinking 12mm dynema running backstays, where I can temporarily and somehow quickly detach then reattach when reaching, broad reaching or running.

Can anyone help with ideas, size of running backstays ideas , etc, please ? :D

I will have one good crew member .

Thankyou Gratzi



21 March 2016 - 19:28
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Dear Cheri

A flathead mainsail  is a new approach! I do not think any member boat has it yet. 
Is the rig original? There are two choices:
1) Keep the backstay as is, for tacking lower the sail so far that it can go across to the other side, hoist again.
2) Replace the backstay with runners attached at the masthead. Crew needed for tending them during maneuvers, as well as strong deck blocks and winches.
Tons of runner load is required on the wind for keeping headsail luff sag within limits, and 12 mm Dyneema is likely to be marginal. What is the stated breaking strength?
Kind regards

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