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S&S Swan Maintenance - Chrome Specs and Vendor
17 June 2016 - 16:02
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Chrome Specs and Vendor

Dear All,

Like many of you, I am attempting to rejuvenate my yacht and part of that effort includes re-chroming of original parts that cannot be replaced. 

After some research on my part and a little frustration trying to understand how to compare the multitude of chrome shops listed on line, the Professor, as usual, provided a very clear description of chrome specification that I used to choose my vendor.  I thought this information might prove useful to our group.

My machine shop friend recently stated that "there are only 2 chrome facilities in the U.S. that do good work."  I requested a quote from one, it was $875.  TonyH recommended another shop, not one of the two recommended by my friend, and they quoted $375!

Specifications from the Professor: "

Chrome plating should be made according to the standard ISO 1456-8, and it is suggested that double or triple layers of nickel are applied before the chrome. Nickel provides the main corrosion resistance because the chrome layer has to be fairly thin to avoid cracking.
The important information for comparison is how thick the nickel and chrome layers are."
From TonyH's suggested shop: 

"Yes, actually we have a five-step process consisting of bright, semi-bright/dual nickel as well as copper and chrome.  Our plating process page shows how we perform this service


Thank you,


tiny color logo png

Classic Chrome Plating

2041 S. Grand Ave.

Santa Ana, CA 92705

Toll Free:  888-327-4189


So the shop that had the better price also had the better answer.


Thanks to the Professor and TonyH for their help and advice.


Safe sailing,

Chris  mabel's Casse Tete  43/003


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