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Sail & Rigging - Racing set up for Swan 44
30 October 2016 - 13:29
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Racing set up for Swan 44

hello everyone and congratulations for this fantastic forum. As a recent owner of an S&S Swan 44 the comments and information I found in this community played a major role in convincing me that purchasing a swan was an idea worth pursuing. 

Once all the previous niggles overlooked by the previous owner have been fixed I would like to do some IRC racing next year and see if a Fastnet can be in the cards. 

I wondered if anyone has set up their swans for racing.

Have you replaced the non self tailing winches (including those at the mast), can the wooden traveller handle loads, does the vang line need to be led back to the cockpit for safety. 

Do you have any advice for sailing configuration and inventory under IRC rules.

Has anyone tried swapping the large Genoa for a smaller headsail with another on the inner forestry. Is there a benefit in performance and/or IRC rating?

thanks in advance for your help.



Ithaka 44/73


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