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S&S Swan Maintenance - Blake sea-cock size for raw water inlet
08 December 2016 - 15:17
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Blake sea-cock size for raw water inlet

Apologies for posting a question which is not strictly S&S Swan related.



I would like to change all the sea-cocks in Four Winds to Blake sea-cocks. But I am in doubts on the correct size to be used for the cooling seawater inlet. The sea-cock used at the moment is in terms of size something in-between the large and the small Blake sea-cock. (I have not made a measure yet) I have tried to found the recommended diameter of tube on Volvo Penta website but without luck. It seems that it is only the small Blake sea-cock who have the inlet “screen” as a rough filter – not the large one?




What size of Blake sea-cock do you have for the raw water pump inlet?



My engine is a small three cylinder Volvo Penta 44 HK. The cooling water pipes are quite small in diameter.




Fair winds


Bjorn, Four Winds 44/014


09 December 2016 - 11:26
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Dear Björn
Here you can find some information.
Pls note that Nautor does not install screens for the sea cocks.
Kind regards


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