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S&S Swan General - Trouble using S 431 traveller
12 December 2016 - 04:32
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Trouble using S 431 traveller

Dear All,

I have trouble using S 431 traveller .

When I am sailing I have no idea how to use the travellor (in front of the racing dodger) of my Swan 431.

1. How do i use the traveller lines to get it to go "out" and spill more wind , to keep the yacht more upright as the wind gets up , and then trim it back in as wind dies down? I am having trouble tryying to work it out .This is a big issue for me that I would like to get working nicely.

2,How do I use the travellor lines to get the mainsil to come UP and IN ,point closer to the wind , when the yacht is leaning over?

3,How do I use the Mainsil lines that are attached to this 431 travellor

Thankyou :D


12 December 2016 - 10:32
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Your questions are pretty general and do not apply to a particular boat. 

I strongly suggest you get the booklet by Ivar Dedekam Sail and rig tuning which may be found in different languages; it is well written and very clear. There you will find the answers to all your questions and much more.  In particular in a form and extent by far much better than can be expected in a forum.

Daniel, 411/004


12 December 2016 - 12:31
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Dear Diogenes

The traveller control system should have sheaves each side on the car as well as on the end stops, from the end stops the control lines are led aft to rope clutches. 
There are separate blocks for the mainsheet on the car and on the end stops, and the sheet led aft to winches.
Suggest you post photos of your present set up, may have been modified.
Kind regards

12 December 2016 - 13:28
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Dear Diogenes, here's our solution in CAID, also a 431.

From the pictures You can find that:

- main sheet is the blue 14mm line. It is sheeted to BOTH SIDES of the Yacht to the Lewmar 55 ST winches. We keep the Antal sheet jammers open when sailing and those ST-winches will hold the line.

- main sheet car can be adjusted with the red and green line seen at the pics. It is sheeted with the Lewmar 40:ies ST winches, one at both sides. The Antal winch jammers are kept open as seen at the pics.


We only close the winch jammers when the going gets tough.






PS If anyone needs a new heavyduty Selden hydraulik backstay adjuster, I have one for sale. Bought two of them but needed only one. Dont ask me why... It can be seen in one of the pics.

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