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S&S Swan General - Gennaker Pole ?
12 December 2016 - 04:46
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Gennaker Pole ?

Dea All

I would like to make a Geneker Pole or maybe buy a carbon fibre tube and somehow rig up, epoxy ? the ends of my existing Jockey pole to a new carbon fibre removebale bow sprit .

I removed the spinaker pole "holders" on the Deck and am wondering , could I use them to "hold" down the removable bow sprit (so I can remove it).

Could I put patches of particular fibreglass under the deck if I used the old spinaker pole holders to be reused and reattched to the new bow areas of the deck? Or do I need S/S plates or would this be a bad idea? I certainly do not want to damage the deck or bow .

I do not know what to do with these massive and heavy spiniker poles, Do I keep them as theyy are origional for the yacht? or dump them . Can I get rid of the aluminium poles and reuse the ends on new carbon fibre poles (..but they would be a much larger diameter than is needed today using carbon fibre?  )


Thankyou for any and all suggestions :D



12 December 2016 - 12:41
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Dear Diogenes
There is no need to use the jockey pole fittings for a bowsprit, you just need to attach a block to the forward end, and make sure the sprit is strong enough for the length. Check if the anchor roller fitting can be used to hold the bowsprit, a horizontal hole for the pin is required through the centre of the tube.
You can use the existing spinnaker pole end fittings if you buy carbon poles with the same inner diameter. This will save about half the weight. 
Carbon spinnaker poles need to have about the same diameter as aluminium ones, the weight saving comes from the lighter material.
Kind regards

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