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S&S Swan General - Bow fitting revisited
19 December 2016 - 12:11
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Bow fitting revisited

Dear All,

Some work has gone into the bow of Farouche after she suffered damage during a crane operation. I took the opportunity of the repair to update the bow with special reference to the stem head fitting and related aspects. Here is a short account of what was done and why:

-The bow has been re-glassed outside and inside with two extra stringers added inside.

-The stem head fitting has been re-engineered to be larger on top and with a longer hull fitting at the front. The original is too small. 

-Re-enforcement of all the fittings has been done from the inside

-The fairleads have always been a problem since the mooring lines keep jumping out and ending at foot of the pulpit. So I decided another configuration.

I am attaching few pics for your kind consideration and comments.

Thank you and merry Christmas and happy New Year to all!


Farouche (47/050)

19 December 2016 - 17:47
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Mon Cher Philippe,

happy she is finally repaired (I am not saying "back into the water" as I suspect you have not our Mediterranean temperature...) and ready to be launched!

I have seen detailed pics of Farouche after the incident and I am impressed by the perfect job and impruvment you did, I suspect there is some special advisor who supported you during the repair, am I right?

I understand the closed fairleads even if I would not have fitted them (I would be scared to have problems to lead the rope into them, but I think this is more a personal  point of view).

The longer bow fitting looks very well done, you won't worry again about the anchor smashing to the hull while manouvring it.

Welcome back my friend!

matteo (47/069 Vanessa)

19 December 2016 - 21:17
Join Date: 16 February 2007
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Dear Matteo,

Thanks a lot. Indeed, Farouche is well  tucked in in the winter hangar waiting for the beautiful days. You are right, I have got fine advices all the way and the glassing work with added stringers (see pic) was executed by professionals from Orust! The same people who build Hallberg Rassy and Najad hulls. 

The fairleads, well I agree in principle with you, but, these are 100X 50 mm! A mooring line of 20mm is very easily and quickly threaded though.  Then, it will remain there! In any case, I want to try this arrangement now. If it does not work, well, I change again! 

The important aspect is still the "new" larger stem head. Larger on top, that is to say the part on the deck; and larger against the fronf of the hull. Frankly, the original design gives a quite small fiiting. Probably because it was ment for the pull from the foresail only. Now that we use gennackers and code zero, I believe the stemhead fitting is subjected to bigger forces and to more torsion. I have not done any calculation or so, I am simply using my intuition!


Philippe (47/050 Farouche)


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