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S&S Swan General - The Weekend Sailor
30 March 2017 - 10:15
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The Weekend Sailor

The Sayula film has so far not been available in all countries on itunes, Amazon etc. I am in Switzerland and could not access it. For those of you who have the same issue, it looks like there is relief: the movie is now available on for rent or purchase. I could watch it yesterday (fantastic!).

Christian 411/028

30 March 2017 - 10:21
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Well spotted Chris, thanks a lot!

I have watched the movie last August at the 2016 Swan Cup and I confirm it is worthwile looking at!

Fair winds!

matteo (47/069 Vanessa) 

23 April 2017 - 14:15
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The movie is very good! It shows that to win, or even to finish in these big races, crew selection and management is one of the important factors. 26 years ago I was crew on a 74 ft. ketch. The owner was an experienced manager. He did large building projects like shopping centers. He wanted to become the #1 sailing boat in the Pacific Northwest. The race that determines that is the Grand Prix regatta administered by the Seattle Yacht Club. Admission is by invitation only and one must qualify by winning several local races during the year. Dick picked his boat carefully: A used one that had won many races and was being sold because the owner had a new one built that conformed better to the revised rules. It was for sale in Florida. Richard put it into a yard there to prepare it for the cruise to Seattle via the Panama Canal. When it was in Seattle he prepared it for the racing: removed 10,000 lbs by replacing heavy stuff, like replacing the plywood floorboards with honeycomb. Bought all new sails with the condition that the number one expert from the sail loft would be available full time for help, rigging, advice and crew on every race. An Australian fellow and he was very good. That year we won many races, qualified and won the Grand Prix! The Seattle Yacht Club ran out of T-shirts, award for the crew because they did not anticipate 22 crew. We had been lucky too: there was a lot of wind that day which favored the big boats. Smaller boats surfed in our wake. In November of that year we sailed it South to participate in the Cabo San Lucas race. We had a full time cook and a fully stocked freezer. We eat like in a very good hotel: Like poached eggs for breakfast! It was fun to sail in the Pacific in November. We had good winds. At one time one of the crew who were sleeping forwards, requested that I slow down because they could not stay in their bunks. Good managment means enoug money, careful selection of people, careful preparation and not being pressed for time.


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