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S&S Swan General - Aft cabin hatches - Swan 44
14 October 2017 - 17:20
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Aft cabin hatches - Swan 44

When we had Infidel redecked in 2016, the 2 small Goiot hatches over the bunks in the aft cabin were damaged beyond repair. I will not go into the circumstances here but suffice to say I remain furious with the project manager that allowed this to happen. I have tried unsuccessfully to find replacements but no current hatch made will fit. There is a raised fiberglass lip the hatch mounts to so the fit needs to be precise. I would like to replace these if somebody has an idea where to find them. The picture was taken before the damage.

14 October 2017 - 17:33
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Dear Candy

sorry to hear that. I imagine you already checked with your local Goiot importer/supplier?

usually they should have new ones which perfectly fit with the old ones

By the way did you check if Lewmar (Ocean series) would fit? I had to change an old Goiot, not same size as yours, and I bought a Lewmar which in my opinion is nowadays better than the Goiot (and less expensive)

please let me know

Fair Winds!

matteo ( 47/069 Vanessa)


15 October 2017 - 07:06
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Dear Candy

Sorry to hear about this.
The hatches are not Goiot, but were made by a subcontractor in the yard area. They are not available any more.
Are both the frame and the lid damaged? If they can not be restored, there are two possibilities - new ones custom made, or new ones with about the same dimensions, and modification of the raised lip.
Kind regards

16 October 2017 - 06:03
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Dear Candy,

I feel with you ...

I needed to have our foredeck hatch custom-made and finally decided on a stainless steel frame. The product was made by Man Ship and so far proves watertight (after 6500 nm this year), so I am quite satisfied with it. I know that they make hatches according to specifications that look rather similar in shape to the old Goiots, so if you need to go that way and need more information, just contact me.

I wish you good progress and fair winds,
Martin (Age of Swan, 48/039)

custom made stainless steel foredeck hatch

16 October 2017 - 07:37
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Dear Candy,

I think Niels (44/014 Four Winds) had his two hatches replaced last year, I will send you his details, I am sure he too could be of help

Fair winds!

matteo (47/069 Vanessa)

19 October 2017 - 10:04
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When I bought Four Winds the two original hatches was not there anymore. The ones the previous owner has installed are from Goiot but not very good as they are designed for portholes and not hatches. (Vertical  vs horizontal installation)

During the refit of Four Winds I wanted to get hatches which are more like to originals.

I was in contact with about 15-20 different companies which claims that they can make customised hatches to “any design” But they all replied negative to me. It has to do with the small radius in the corners. It cannot be made by the standard alu profiles.

Fair winds

Four Winds 44/014

21 October 2017 - 11:54
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Dear Candy and Navigare

Making new hatches machined out of solid plate is also a possibility. For a quotation it would be necessary to get detailed information about them, or better send them for use as templates.
Kind regards

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