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S&S Swan Maintenance - 44 propeller shaft bearing
11 November 2017 - 16:31
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44 propeller shaft bearing

I need to replace the propeller shaft rubber bearing (just before the propeller), and as i know the measurements should be just correct to fit. Has someone done this - so he could give me the information about this bearing (length, diamaters - outer, inner), where to buy. All information, how to open old one etc. etc. is useful.

SAFA nr. 51/44

13 November 2017 - 11:03
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Provided you have the original shaft the diameter is 30 mm, and then the bearing dimensions are 30 x 45 x 120 mm. 
There are two holes for bearing locking screws on the strut boss SB side. There should be two set screws in each hole, the second screw is for securing the first one. 
You will probably need an extractor tool in order to remove the old bearing, it is likely that it has frozen in place.
There are many Cutlass bearings on the market, Silverline is one possibility. A non-metallic bearing housing is recommended.
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14 November 2017 - 16:35
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Thanks again, i do not dive to take the measurements ... shaft is 30 mm diameter.


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