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Sail & Rigging - Code zero NOT on a bowsprit
06 March 2018 - 18:19
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Code zero NOT on a bowsprit

Dear all,

Last year I changed my sail plan to a mainsail with a high aspect genoa. The total sail area of my tall rig, with the high aspect genoa, equals the total sail area of the standard rig with a 135% genoa (more or less).

 Additional to the high aspect I have a code zero of about 60m2 meters. In stead of a bowsprit the code zero is set inside of the high aspect furler on a deckeye just aft of the furler and hoisted on the spare genoa halyard with a 2:1 reduction. That reduction is by an extra eye on the mast, just below the halyard block.

This way there is no need for an difficult bowsprit solution.

good winds,



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