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S&S Swan General - Non skid on a 411
03 April 2018 - 21:59
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Non skid on a 411

Hello, since i am back in the carribean and working on my swan 411 i have a question for the deck layout.

does ther exists a swan 411 or may be simmilar with non skid anstead of teak?

i would like to have a plan if that exists, for the design in non skid.

not sure what looks best - geometrie of non skid fields and the area for drainage?

cockpit i will redo in teak ;-)


any suggestion woul be verry appreciated




World Traveler, Swan 411/02



06 April 2018 - 06:05
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Hi Stefan,

Clarion of Skye, a German Swan 48, has a non-skid deck - maybe Bernd Hotze has advice for you. When you look at the photos on the forum you will probably find other Swans with a non-skid deck and could contact the owners via the forum message function.

With engine and interior of your boat done, I hope you get deck and rig soon into a state that allows you to hoist the sails :-)


Christian 411/028 IF

08 April 2018 - 09:57
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Hi Christian, thanks for that idea.

ja, the goal comes closer to hoist the sails.

i will be verry exited to be behind the helm and feel the wind, pushing world traveler.

even to think about makes me verry happy ;-)


08 April 2018 - 17:24
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Hi Stefan,

about a year ago I had to remove the old teak deck (the boat looked then very similar to yours) and chose a non-skid paint. I'll attach some pictures with the results. The product is called Deck Line, the manufacturer is MAP Yachting; I ordered the set in Germany and can of course help if you should need a contact.

It is a two component PU (I think) paint that can be mixed to different colors. I found it easy to apply, as it is simply rolled on with a "structural" rolling brush, something that feels like a hard sponge. The spongy cells pull the wet paint upwards, so the result is a non-skid surface. The feel of the deck is more or less like the running track in an athletic track, somewhat rubbery, and unlike the teak is does not get hot in the sun. Besides, it is easier to wash down. One of the pictures is of the cockpit coaming, just to show that curved shapes are possible.

I chose to paint the deck "unbroken" without creating sections, in part because I found it difficult to design as there are no obvious edges. If you decide on separate sections, you will probably have to paint the dividers first. That does have an advantage, even beyond the water run-off: you can paint in smaller sections. If you decide on large areas, you will need to work with two people, one painting and one mixing the next batch of paint so you can continue wet-in-wet. If you're alone, you need too much time to mix, so you will see where you started anew after the paint had already dried a bit.

I guess it is obvious that I am quite happy with the paint ...

Good progress,
Martin (Age of Swan, 48/039)

Seen from the pier (I just love these lines)

Seen from above (thanks to tidal ports)

Cockpit coaming

09 April 2018 - 10:34
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hello martin, thanks a lot for all your writing.

good to hear, that you are happy with your paint.

think it is good here, to have  bright deck.

i have already the red primer applyed - and it is not possible to stay barefoot at noon on deck.

looks good your paint job!

i could see your big dodger, that is one thing i will do too, but want to see, if that is neccesary after a couple of sails.

doing the non skid in sections gives me more time to do it accurate, here every paint and epoxy job dryes verry quick.

thanks for your effort and the pictures.

will do after my job some pitures for this thread.


stefan (411/02)


17 May 2018 - 10:09
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here a short upgrade,

used sand i sived two times to get the size of grit in between.

i am verry happy about the tracktion and regularity.


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