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S&S Swan Maintenance - Teak planks best place to buy them
14 May 2018 - 18:53
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Teak planks best place to buy them

I am now replacing many of the side deck planks on my 431 here in Los Angeles.

I want to do it myself with possibly the help of someone who can show me how to bend on the first few planks.

I have looked all over you tube and there is no videos showing anyone actually bending on planks. It would be great to have a video for all of us showing how this is done.

I am thinking of using teck decking systems seaming material & their expoxy .

If any one knows of someone in the Los Angles area that can help me that would be so appreciated.

I also show the finished Awlgripped toe rail I have finished.

If anyone has any questions re the Awlgrip , please ask.

It was a big job …at least for me :D






side decks port side of Swan 431 , I wll be replacing

side decks port side of Swan 431 , I wll be replacing

Photo showing Awl gripped toe rail and starboard side decking I will be replacing

07 June 2018 - 18:42
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hi cheri,

i bought my teak in hamburg / germany.

think i got a good price.

but i took only short planks, because i only redo my cockpit. was still a good amount of euro. more long, higher the costs.

the deck is in progres to get white and without teak.

i am quiet happy with that decision, even if i am sort of carpenter and for normal loving wood.

less work and boat is getting lighter - but still quiet deep in water, because so many tools and toys on board - need to get rid of it.

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