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S&S Swan Maintenance - gaskets of the bow sliding hatch
15 June 2018 - 10:03
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gaskets of the bow sliding hatch

I am the owner of  a Swan 47  since 1976

I have to put new slidind hatch gaskets

I had some information by the forum friends Lars anche  Ludovic Demeus (Rumtrader) ; thanks to all of you for your posts

Lars send me the thread of concerto (see picture n.1) with all kinds of gasket and their codes

In  the hatch  of my boat there are two kinds of gasket (see picture n.2-3): a gasket is packed in the runner where the hatch slides; the other gasket is in the opposite side where the hatch closes

Measures: cm. 60 x 75

Someone can tell me what kid of gasket are suitable for a Swan 47 ?

foto n 1

foto n2

foto n3

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