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S&S Swan General - Trim screw position needed on a 48
30 July 2018 - 05:57
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Trim screw position needed on a 48

Dear all, especially those owning a 48,

we are currently in the process of having our boat repainted, and the dark blue Awlgrip has already been taken off in most parts. So far, the yard doing the work is still looking for the trim screws but they have not found any trace of them, so my guess is that one of the former owners had the trim screws removed. I would like to restore them, if possible.
Is anyone able to measure the position of the trim screws on a 48 and post the result here? Lars suggests that the position of the bow trim screw is measured from the stemhead down along the stem, and for the stern trim screw, from the transom forward along the underside of the hull.

Thank you in advance,
Martin (48/039)

48/039, work in progress

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