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S&S Swan General - Nautor’s Smokematic found
06 August 2018 - 11:02
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Nautor’s Smokematic found

Hi You all!

Below You’ll find an obvious old joke from the boatbuilders of Nautor, see the pics!


1. Where’s that place?

2. What is that mysterious Smokematic and what is it used for?

3. The story behind it?

Background and some clues...

We’ve visited there many many times during the last decades but this was the first time we noticed it.

At the pics are my friends S441 Victoria and our S431 Caid, the Nautor’s smokematic is also seen at that pic.

Fair winds!



431 ”CAID”



Nautor’s Smokematic

All 3 made by Nautor?

07 August 2018 - 06:45
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Dear IHe

Thank you for the photos.
1. The location to be considered secret, the suggestion is that other Swans Owners sailing in the Finnish archipelago keep their eyes open. No doubt there will be a very big effort to find out where this unique one-off piece can be inspected.
2. This is the first and only fish smoking oven built by Nautor, as certified by the Plaque. The name is a derivation of the patented Nautormatic folding propeller, invented at that time by the same technical genius, whose name is unassumingly mentioned in second position on the Plaque.
3. The other mentioned person was also employed at the yard, and spends his summer vacations on the secret island. He felt an urgent need to get quality equipment for his fish smoking requirements, and therefore the duo developed the prototype, which since has been thoroughly tested and found to fulfill the original intentions.
Unfortunately there are no professional fishermen any more on the island, and  the oven has therefore not been in use for some time.
Kind regards

07 August 2018 - 07:39
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you are # 1!!!


07 August 2018 - 12:56
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Dear Lars, thank You for this information!

1. It is and will be a secret island.

3. I met this other guy some 15 years ago at the island while we were overnighting there with my family. He was wearing very old and worn Nautor overalls and somehow we ended up discussing about proper sailing yachts and their production procedures. A good discussion indeed allthough I had some difficulties following his broad Swedish dialect.

The teak decking of my then non-Nautor yacht was replaced with a new one mady by Scandinavian Teak Deck (founded by former Nautor people) and his precise eyes immediately noticed the planking style being very Nautorish and wondered if it was made by them.

Happy sailing,



S431-12 "CAID"

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