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S&S Swan Maintenance - First winter in Finland
20 October 2018 - 05:23
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First winter in Finland


Esteemed group,

We have been in much lower latitudes since I purchased Andiamo. This winter she will stand about 100 km south of Jakobstad in Vasa.  When she went on land this past Monday, water leaking near the bearing posts of the rudder was observed. Swinging the rudder by hand made small trickles of water run down the leading edge of the rudder.


I am concerned that the present water will soon become ice and cause structural damage within the rudder interior (and exterior).


TIme is short.  Should I create a drain hole near bottom of rudder to allow water to escape? Is so, where exactly?

By the way, she likes the Finnish waters..


Thank you,



20 October 2018 - 11:51
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Dear Kendall
It sounds like water is collecting inside the rudder leading edge fairing piece. This is a removable piece covering the rudder stock. Pls see the attached photo, where it has been removed.
If you suspect water in the rudder blade, drill a small hole at its lowest point. Seal it in the spring with a screw bedded in mastic.
You are right that water freezing in an enclosed space can cause big damage, it expands by about 9% with great force.
Kind regards

21 October 2018 - 18:35
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Dear Lars,

I will be able to make this hole tomorrow. None to soon as you know the weather prediction for the next week or so.

Your words and the photo help me to understand exactly what I’m dealing with and how to proceed.

Thank you for helping,

My bests,


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