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S&S Swan Maintenance - Heating system Swan 48
05 January 2019 - 13:47
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Heating system Swan 48

Dear friends,

does anybody know if there was a orignial way or a drawing where to put the pipes of the heating system, the exhaust, etc..

We have some remaining signs of a former existing heating system but we would like to renew it in the next weeks.
Just bought a 5kw Webasto heater.

Any information on that would be helpful!

SY Themis

05 January 2019 - 14:46
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Dear Ulli,

supposing that while not having the drawings, some experience with installing a heating on a 48 might help ...

We installed a new heating system two years ago. In preparation, I found all the holes that were intended for the air ducts on the port side of the boat. They have diameters of about 10-11 cm. Starting (or ending) at the aft bulkhead under the port berth in the aft cabin (see pic), they lead forward to the front cabin. If needed, I can post more pictures, but provided Themis has the same arrangement, you will find them.
When we installed the heating, I was advised not to install an air heating, as the tube/duct length would be too long. Installing the heating unit in the stern compartment, the distance to the front cabin would exceed 12 m. My technical advisor said hardly any warm air would arrive if the distance is more than 8-9 m, in particular not if more than one room was on the way. I argued that the boat once had such a system, and he said that was in the Seventies when nobody knew about today's legal limits regarding installations below deck.

So I installed a water-based heating (in the stern locker) with four separate heat exchangers (and fans) in the aft cabin, the saloon, the front head and the front cabin. The tubes for the water circuit make use of the holes for the old air ducts. That will not help you, but if you need any pictures of the installation or how the heating unit is installed in the locker, let me know.

Best regards from Bremen,
Martin (48/039)


openings for the air ducts under the portside bunk in the aft cabin

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