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S&S Swan General - USB Charging
13 January 2019 - 16:56
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USB Charging

Here is one of the little things that improve life on board. So far we have been using a USB charger at the nav station for charging our devices. Since we have more and more USB devices (phones, tablets, lamps, VHF,...), the nav station was constantly filled with charging devices. We have now added two-port USB plugs to our berths, using the 12V power of the reading lights, at the price of a small hole in the teak enclosure to connect the cables. Idle power draw of the USB ports we selected is negligible - I measured 1mA. The reading lights have LEDs. The USB plugs are hidden behind the lamp. 

The crew can now charge their devices decentrally in their berth, and also run a USB ventilator at night.

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