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Sail & Rigging - Deck blocks for spinnaker sheeting
03 February 2019 - 08:16
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Deck blocks for spinnaker sheeting

Hi everyone,

Days are getting longer, so a lot of thinking about the new season. Plan is to do some clubregattes with my Swan 40 this year. A right setup for the symmetrical spinnaker is needed. Think I will use double sheeting. For the after guy a standing block midships on a lug in the toe rail and for the sheet a block on the after end of the toe rail. For the lifting a double block in the  mast because I think using the second pole for gybing is a good idea. And then of course a double standing deck block 1 meter after the stemhead for the downhaul. Think this can be lead to the cockpit on both sides bij using another standing deck block on each side of the coach. Now my question, where do I get the standing screwing deck blocks that will fit. Or do I need someting like a deck eye with a block? Any advise on this and how to setup and sail a symmetrical spinnaker on a Swan 40 is very welcome.

Kind regards,
Jolling Lodema (Swan 40, #22 Becca)


05 February 2019 - 16:01
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Hi Jolling

I am not too familiar with your side deck arrangement, but I wonder if Low Friction rings on Dyneema line could be a solution. We use them a lot to deflect lines across the deck and when finished with we untie them and pack them away.


Sarabande 47/029

05 February 2019 - 21:08
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Hi Rob,

Thanks Rob! I must say I like your idea! Think these rings can be a good solution for leading pole downhaul to the cockpit and maybe also for the afte guy. Another thing is that I don't have the (eye)bolts that will fit in the deck. The sort of thread and the sizes of the deckfitting is not known to me.  Any ideas about this?

Kind regards

Jolling Lodema , Swan 40 #22 (Becca)

06 February 2019 - 06:25
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Dear Jolling,

we ran into a similar problem: one of the threaded ringbolts was missing when we bought the boat. I checked with various hardware suppliers ("that size?! Forget it") and came to the conclusion that probably Nautor made them. And I did get a spare ringbolt from Nautor's helpful spare part department.

I'm assuming that you (still) have the sunk diamond-shaped fittings in the deck so you could ask Nautor whether they have spare bolts for your boat. If not, you will probably find similar ring combos with the hardware suppliers. The diamond plate is bolted through the deck and is countered with a backing plate below; I did not find any backing plate inside the sandwich deck. However, I found one backing plate that was badly corroded so I replaced the aluminium with G11. I attach some pics.

Hope that helps,
Martin (48/039 Vellamo)

The diamond-shaped fitting with a threaded ring(bolt)

Backing plate below deck -- old and new

06 February 2019 - 20:47
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Dear Martin,

I think I have exactly the same fittings. Seems to be a very strange size indeed. The thread looks finer than a normal metric thread. I will give it a try at Nautor. Any suggestion for a standing block suitable for that specific bolt ring?

Thank you Martin

Kind regards Jolling

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