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S&S Swan Maintenance - 1979 Swan 57 rudder
08 February 2019 - 10:04
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1979 Swan 57 rudder


I am in the middle of a refit on my Swan 57 and wish to drop the rudder. I understand that the shoe is attached to the heel of the skeg with a steel plate, which I would need to remove. Where I am concerned or unsure is does the whole heel of the skeg drop and stay with the rudder or do I just strip all the glass below the shoe and slide it off with the dropping of the rudder?

I can see evidence of previous repair work, but am trying to not create more destruction than needed. 

A few photos below of where I am at

Thanks for any help in advance  


08 February 2019 - 13:06
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Dear Swanning Around
Originally there was a removable fairing piece at the bottom end of the skeg below the steel fitting, removal of this piece enabled the fitting to slide down together with the rudder.
If you want to remove the bottom bearing from the rudder stock there are two alternatives
- either remove the blade from the stock
- or make a cut-out in the blade below the bearing.
Pls note that there are removable fairing pieces along the trailing edge of the skeg, and along the leading edge of the rudder.
Kind regards

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