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Sail & Rigging - sails for swan 411
20 February 2019 - 21:37
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sails for swan 411

hello dear swan members

yesterday we did our first test sail after 5 years of maintenance and upgrading.

that was a verry nice feeling, to be free.

she sails verry well, even if i dont touch the wheel, she is just sailing straight - amazing.


when we did a jibe the main got ripped a bit on the second reef point.

today we fixed it and i realized that it is time to change to newer ones.

on the market place of this forum i saw an offer for a 41" with the tall rig.

would that be fine for me???

talking about the main and the genova.

we will use them in the carribean with mostly 15 to 25 knots of wind.

or is there some body with a 411" who want to sell a main and a genova?

i think any one would be better than my ones.

i would realy be happy to hear your suggestions.


worldtraveler 411# 02


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