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S&S Swan Maintenance - Cabin door hinges - Swan 41
01 April 2019 - 09:56
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Cabin door hinges - Swan 41

Dear Forum, I wonder if anyone can help me find replacement cabin door hinges for Scotch Bonnet? Ideally matching the original would be good since I don’t need to replace them all. The dimensions are 70mm x 55mm brass, which seems to be an unusual size, at least in Australia. I have tried to post a photo of the hinge but failed, perhaps the file size is too large but I can’t workout how to check photo size on iPad? Thanks everyone, Andrew 41-039

02 April 2019 - 18:24
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Hi Andrew,

I tried googling it directly with the dimensions, using the image search. There are 70x55mm hinges out there, but I have not seen one with hole positions like on yours. 

One example:

Good luck!

Christian 411/028 IF

04 April 2019 - 11:03
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Last spring I had the same problem with the hinges of the ice box in the galley.  There was only one defective hinge but I could not find the proper size; I eventually bought two of the closest available size, sligtly larger, and adjusted the mortise accordingly. It was a very small adjustment and pretty simple for any person with even a limited woodworking skill.

My advice, after adjusting the mortise, is first fill the previous screw holes with a wooden plug and then use the modern kind of screws for wood, with cylindrical shank and enhanced thread; they have a much better grip than the old kind of conical screws and no one - not even myself - will complain for straying from the original design!  Stainless steel countersunk screws, of course, and torx screw drive if you are so lucky to find it.

Daniel, Luna Menguante 411/004

05 April 2019 - 10:17
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Thank you Christian, thank you Daniel. I had not heard of image search, that is a great result, thank you for giving me the link.  I will email them today and hope they can correspond in English because they look like my solution. And I will then fix the screws as recommended. Thanks again, Andrew

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