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S&S Swan General - Grouding: Rf vs. Lightning vs. AC/DC
12 May 2019 - 08:34
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Grouding: Rf vs. Lightning vs. AC/DC

Hello Swan Community,


I have a 1979 Swan 57 - Hull 023. As some may know already I am in the process of refitting her. One of the main components that needed an overhaul were the Electronics. The main infrastructure of the wiring was still original from the factory, but throughout the years of course there have been some changes and modifications. 


As 'we' continue to strip back the wiring it is becoming more and more clear where the Swan yards work ends and the DIY begins. Our intention is to bring it back to the highest standard that Swan would want, especially when talking Electrically. 


Alongside my electrician we have identified the individual infrastructures of the grounding networks. Most of the AC/DC grounding will have to be ammended, where as the basis for the RF and Lightning ground are done appropriately as we understand them, simply need new connections. Someone had uncovered the copper foil which appeared to once lead down to the keel under GRP, but now it has been exposed and was termintaed with a copper braided wire to a single point where also the lightning ground was terminating!! I can send photos. 

After lots of reading and research we have established the system of grounding we feel is sufficient to empart on the vessel, but am curious as to exactly how it was originally laid out.


Lars, How was the Rf and Lighnting ground terminated at launch? 

Was the rf bonded with the Keel as well as the Lightning? Should the Rf not be isolated from the lightning protection? Were there originally Rf grounding plates aft of the engine at launch?  


With the decrease of importance for SSB's is it still crucial to update and ensure a functioning Rf grounding? 

Thanks for your thoughts and considerations in advance



13 May 2019 - 15:24
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Dear Swanning

Sounds like the SSB may have been installed later, the yard standard was to arrange the grounding in the form of a counterpoise on the inside of the hull in the lazarette. It consists of a network of thin copper strips laid on top of the stringers and across them.
If there is an antenna coupler near the backstay, a copper strip from the radio unit to the coupler is required also.
For the electrical installations the recommendation is to follow the relevant standards, here the basic ones:
ISO 10134:2003  Lightning protection
ISO 13297:2014  AC installations
EN 60092-507-2015  Electrical Installations
ISO 10133:2017 DC installations
Kind regards

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