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S&S Swan General - Virtual cruising in the time of covid-19
31 March 2020 - 18:20
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Virtual cruising in the time of covid-19

Dear Fellow Swan Owners,

During these trying times of the covid-19 pandemic, we thought it might be nice to share memories of happier times on board.  To that end, we'd like to share our blog about our 18 month sailing voyage from Mexico to New Zealand and up to Fiji, where Anthea (Swan 41/1978) currently awaits us in a cyclone pit.  The blog is organized in reverse chronological order and there are some photos and links to video (mostly kiting and coral reef free diving) scattered throughout.  The blog address is:

If others have blogs or links to other sailing experiences and memories on our beautiful Swans, please do share them!

With wishes for good health during these challenging times and hopes for more good times on board in the near future.

Mark and Kim

Anthea (41/1978)




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