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Sail & Rigging - Swan 37 - spinnaker pole
15 May 2020 - 07:19
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Swan 37 - spinnaker pole

The locking mechanism on my original spinnaker pole (year 1970 Swan 37) has started jamming. All the control lines/wires are inside the pole (internal tripping/trigger ?). The sail end has a jaw and lever that needs to be pulled along the pole to open the jaw. The mast end has a ring that needs to be pulled down to open the jaw.

The jaw end mechanism doesn't work when the pole is attached to the deck (jaws down). The only way to remove the pole from the deck fittings is to push the piston in at the jaw end manually. The funny thing is that when I turn the pole "jaws up", the mechanism works.

So, Jaws down - mechanism doesn't work, Jaws up - it works.

I'm suspecting it has something to with the wires inside the pole. I've tried cleaning and lubricating the parts, but it is just getting worse over the years. The pole looks straight and has no dents.


1) Does anyone have a diagram of the inside of the pole?

2) Any hints/tips to fix this without taking the pole apart?


Thanks and happy sailing!

16 May 2020 - 11:25
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Dear Pandora

Here the original end fittings. Do you still have the same?
Afraid that you have to open the outboard end and find out what is causing the problem.
Kind regards

18 May 2020 - 05:54
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Thank you Lars. We have the original fittings, just like in the image you posted.

Will need to gather some courage to open the outboard end at some point :)

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