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S&S Swan Maintenance - Toe Rails and stanchions
30 July 2020 - 07:41
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Toe Rails and stanchions

All of the stanchion bases on my swan 44 are causing the aluminium rail to corrode.  There is also general light pitting corrosion along the toe rails where the enodising has broken down.  This is leading to aluminium staining on the topsides and the corrosion is getting worse year on year.  Accessing the stanchion / toe rail bolts is a major job since they are all glassed in and inaccessible behind the lining and joinery.  I am considering cutting off the stanchion bases from above with a grinder or by drilling out the bolt heads.   The stanchions would be re-supported via new brackets bolted to the vertical part of the toe rail.  This all seems to be much easier than trying to remove all the glassed-in bolts.  The plan is to then grit blast the rails, etch prime, epoxy fill and recoat.  Does anyone have any experience of doing anything similar?

01 August 2020 - 09:04
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Dear Simon

It is suggested that you check if there are backing plates below deck for the stanchion bases. If so, you could perhaps move the bases slightly, taking care that the new screw positions still come into these plates.
The important thing for stopping the corrosion between base and rail is to put a plastic washer in between, and also ensure that there is a small air space in the rail flange around the bolts, filled completely with mastic, so there is no path for the galvanic current between the two.
Kind regards

01 August 2020 - 14:21
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Thanks for the advice.  I am trying to do the job without having to remove the joinery within the boat to get acces to the bolts; hence the idea to refix the stanchions to the vertical leg of the toe rail.

11 August 2020 - 11:27
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Dear Lars,


Could you send the drawings of the toe alloy toe rail assemby once more, you did send previoulsy but have missplaced it.




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