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S&S Swan Maintenance - 43 Steering/Trim tab mechanism
14 September 2020 - 17:37
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43 Steering/Trim tab mechanism

Dear Friends,

Attached are three pictures of the steering and trim tab mechanism after extraction from the pedestal.  Looks complicated but the engineer who has it says he understands it fully.  Anyway, it's happy news for me.  

Chris Mabel's Casse Tete  43/003

24 September 2020 - 15:31
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Hi Chris,


Can't beleive I missed this... Congratulations!


Great stuff. 



04 October 2020 - 13:57
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Hi Dan,

Thank you.  Yes I am happy that it is being repaired.  

Two things to consider:  first, the machinist had to weld a piece of steel onto the bearing to get it out; once out, it was clear that a previous owner had removed the mechanism with brute force.  There is damage inside the pedestal that appears to have been done with a hammer and chissels.  It will not affect the restoration but certainly disappointing to see.

With reagard to the pedestal, I need to clean and then coat.  Powder coating is the easiest for me - I don't have to do the work but I am concerned about:  possible blistering; damage from the process that could lead to pitting.  

I have awlgrip 2-part LP which I am planning to use to paint the cockpit but I don't want to open a gallon and then not finish the cockpit until spring.  So, my dilemma.

Chris, Mabel's Casse Tete  43/003

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