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S&S Swan Maintenance - Refit S&S Swan 44 Northern Child
03 November 2020 - 15:37
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Refit S&S Swan 44 Northern Child

Hello Forum,

What a valuable information data bank this is!

We just purchased Swan 44 nr 22 Northern Child.

During this winter we will renovate the beautifull yacht. 

The boat is empty and there is a lot to do!

Will try to keep this thread as a bit of progress reporting.


Entering the building


New entrance

03 November 2020 - 20:18
Join Date: 14 October 2020
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Had some issues with the pictures.

Here you can find the main album with pictures:



We are based in The Netherlands.


Current situation:

Vessel is almost empty

Enterence re-arrenged (enterence at the aft cabin)

Rudder removed

Sliding front hatch removed and created base for normal hatch

Most of the bilges are re-painted

04 November 2020 - 13:05
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Hi Bart,

welcome to the Forum and the S&S Swan family!

Good to see another beautiful yacht being looked after!

Looking forward to see how you are getting on,

all the best,


Kairos 57/043

31 August 2021 - 12:22
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Some time have past since last post. The Northern Child is start to look better again. Renovating a boat is always more work as expected. 

As you can see here several things have been changed:

Rudder was overhauled

Deck repaired

New enterance

Created an closed anker hatch with outside de-watering

bow thruster installed

Painting outside and inside

All wires replaced

All parts removed and checked


Currently busy with a new ceiling and final decisisions on the electrical components


Next big challenge is the mast and deck layout. We never sailed with the Northern Child. So we need to base us on pictures.

02 September 2021 - 01:45
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Wow!  I am so impressed by all the great progress you have made, and in a relatively short time period.  The work you have done looks beautiful!  Thanks for sharing all the interesting photos.  Good luck with the next steps.  

Mark    (41/059, Anthea)


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