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S&S Swan General - Pre info of a Swan meeting in mid july 2021 - Elbe / Northsea
13 November 2020 - 20:04
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Pre info of a Swan meeting in mid july 2021 - Elbe / Northsea

Hello, there are now 4 swan's that will be arround in july if CORONA does not disturb.

Mike on Stormsvale Swan 40

Jolling on Becca Swan 40

Stefan on Kairos Swan 57

and me, Stefan on World Traveler Swan 411

and all that parners, crew,... that belongs to theese boats.


May there are some more interested to meet up.

Location can be Glückstadt Elbe river, my birthplace and it is a charming town or somewhere  arround.


Stefan, World Traveler 411#02


15 November 2020 - 17:17
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Hi Stefan,

this is a great idea - unfortunately, our current plan (subject to Covid measures, as always) means that Kairos will be either sailing in Western Norway or in the Baltic in July.

So the suggested date for a meet in July  is unlikely to work for us, I'm afraid but who knows  - difficultt to plan these days; if things change I will let you know.

Kairos is based in Glueckstadt, too, by the way - usually only for the Winter and start/end of the season though. It is a beautiful town indeed!

Fair winds,



Kairos - 57/043

20 November 2020 - 17:03
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Hi Stefan et al,


Hopefully it will be a kickoff for our two year in to the Pacific.. looking forward to it. If we don't head out next year we will still attend.

Tony usually organizes a 38 get together... maybewe should Coordinate this... Jutta thought





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