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S&S Swan General - Blue Swan 411 #14
05 March 2021 - 16:06
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Blue Swan 411 #14

Hello Family Swan,

This post has been in my "to do" list for the last year... Ill explain.

After one year looking for Grand Soleil 40ies range and not satisfied what I was finding I decided to look other options/oportunities. I saw 2 Swan in Italy mid 2019 and decided to visit.

This visit was the third vist to Nautor Swan´s boat. First was in Barcelona a SWan 36 with the bilge full of salt.

Second north Italy Savona and the third in Trieste.

The boat was defenetly cheap for a Swan, but it was the limit of my budget. Because Im a professional skipper and familiar with boat maintenance I decided to go forward and refit the boat myself. I´ve meet Mt Janko (previous owner) and I imediately had some friendly feeling about him and Blue Swan. Mr Janko started to feel tired (old) and he just wanted to pass the boat to someonelse. Weve made the deal in 10 minutes and I went home to prepare the trip and wait for the paperwork.

So my Swan dream started in August 2019 when I flew back to Trieste to start the passage Trieste - Vilamoura. We were 3 crew. The trip was nice but slow. South of Sardenia we broke the boom and motor sailed all the way to Portugal. A bit anoying but it was a boat delivery. It wasnt a sailing holidays. So we did it- 16 days sailing (motorsailing 8 days).

Ive put the boat in the hard in September 2019 and I started a 9 months refit.

Than all the surprises comed. Osmosis, smile keel (realised the boat runed aground hard and make damage on the keel//hull joint, new rigging, remove the old teak deck, servicing winches, wiring... well a bit of everything. Realised Mr Janko stop doing a properly maintenance in the past years and I had to go back and make it properly.

But here we are. Blue Swan went back to the water in July 2020 and made the season quite weel. No major issues... (Blue Swan is doing Sailing Expedition in Portugal and Spain). There are plenty to do but I believe she is getting back to a decent shape. To do list is decreasing fast but still stuff to refit.

Im sharing with you the link from that passage and the main refit. Soon I will share some more techical aspects such as: osmosis, smile keel, rigging, mast step, sterring, servicing thru hull fitings, B&B.

Im sorry for this maybe too long intruduction to Blue Swan. Next time I will try to resume a bit more.

Cheers from Portugal and keep safe from this mad virus.

Looking forward to sail away.

Fair wainds

Ricardo Barradas



Blue Swan on a Sailing Expedition sailing in the Gulf of Cadiz

Blue Swan making way south Portugal

05 March 2021 - 16:39
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Dear Ricardo,

thanks for sharing with the S&S Swan Family your interesting information, photos and story!

Please keep us posted, and hope (I am sure you will) find all the help you need through the many knowledgeable Members who are very active and always happy to help other S&S Swan Owners !

Fair winds!

matteo (47/069 Vannessa)

08 March 2021 - 01:24
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Hello ricardo, welcome here!

I saw your pictures of maintenance and sailing - reminds me on what i went truh when i got my 411#02.

But i found it is worth to do, make it nice and good working again, for many lovely sailing trips.


Two days ago in the bay of carriacou

09 March 2021 - 16:42
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Congratulations Ricardo!

Blue Swan is BEAUTIFUL, and I'm excited for you and your crew.  Thank you for posting photos.      

I have recently joined the Swan 411 family myself, and I hope to hear more stories from Blue Swan's refit, so I may benefit from shared wisdom.  I bet you have a lot to tell! 

Adventure awaits you.  May the seas be like a gentle path for you and Blue Swan!


After sailing 411-011 to her new berth in Seattle. (Feb-27, 2021)

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