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S&S Swan General - Water ingress fwd deck. Does this estimate make sense?
06 April 2021 - 07:17
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Water ingress fwd deck. Does this estimate make sense?

Dear Lars, dear All, 
Below hopefully self explanatory. Forepeak has water ingress from deck. Does this proposal make sense? Any opinion on glued vs. screw and plug as original?

Please advise.

Thank you very much.


I.                     Teak deck repair

While performing the requested ceiling lining replacement, our technician detected damages due to water ingress from the deck area. In order to locate the source of the water ingress and repair, we propose the following procedure.

1.           Mask the area to protect.

2.           Disconnect and remove the anchor chain from the vessel.

3.           Disconnect and remove the windlass and windlass footswitches.

4.           Disconnect and remove the bow teak deck fishbone area.

5.           Clean the deck to remove adhesives.

6.           Abrade the area to remove paints and primers.

7.           Apply fibers and resins, as necessary, to seal.

8.           Apply two (2) coats of epoxy primer.

9.           Apply filler, as necessary, to fair and shape.

10.        Apply two (2) coats of epoxy primer.

11.        Apply two (2) coats of finishing paint.

12.        Cut, shape and construct new teak deck fishbone area.

12.1.            The planking will be curved and shaped to fit the fishbone sections; all edges will be trimmed.

13.        Install new teak deck fishbone area.

13.1.            All teak planking will be glued and not screwed

14.        Apply teak caulking.

15.        Reinstall and seal the windlass and windlass footswitches.

16.        Reinstall and connect the anchor chain.

06 April 2021 - 14:25
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Dear Michele

This is a rather extensive specification
Maybe it could be determined more in detail where the leak is, and the cause? For example the chain pipe could let in water
The teak battens must not have all the joints in the same area, this would look odd, and is not good practice. It is suggested you discuss the distance between joints with the yard. Gluing is fine for small areas
Kind regards

06 April 2021 - 17:34
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Dear Michele,

we had some water damage to the centre bulkhead forward of the mast on Kairos when we bought him in 2017. As Lars already pointed out, I'd agree it would help a lot if the source of the leak could be established (or at least narrowed down) prior to the works starting. I understand that water can travel under an old/less-well installed teak deck so the source is not necessarily always above where you found the water damage on the inside.

In our case, we found that the fishbone had actually split in two areas, plus the chaulking needed attention, so it was a good starting point as there were no other obviousl areas for a leak. Luckily for us the fishbone was the source as replacing it solved the leakage for us.

I have attached a few pictures below showing the damage and the works done; it looks that the approach you posted is very similar to what we had done.

Our fishbone and the neighbouring planking (there is always the chance that some more deck needs replacing when you work in an area, I think) were also glued only, no problems so far five years later. The old fishbone was screwed and glued.

Hope this helps and good luck!

Fair winds,

Stefan - Kairos (57/043)

Damage below deck fwd of mast

Old fishbone fwd of hatches

Old fishbone removed, new parts ready

06 April 2021 - 17:37
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Fishbone fwd of mast being glued

Fishbone fwd of mast chaulked

All 3 new fishbones finished, remaining deck slightly sanded

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