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S&S Swan Maintenance - New propeller for Swan 38
07 June 2021 - 19:01
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New propeller for Swan 38


I am changing a new propeller to my Swan 38. There are three options:

B1710R3-25 , B1711R3-25 and B1612R3-25.

My concerning is related to the size  B1710R3-25 , B1711R3-25, are these props fitting to the boat? (size wise / room enought). These props are fix ones, no folding ones. Any other suggestions?





07 June 2021 - 21:06
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Fifteen years ago we installed Flex-O-Fold 16 x 14 RH 3, following Professors calculations and suggestion. Our engine is Bukh DV 24 ME. We are very happy with the propeller. It is the largest one that fits our boat.

Best regards

Jyrki (Infant, Swan 38/014)

08 June 2021 - 04:19
Join Date: 24 August 2015
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Dear Jyrki,

Thank you for your message. In other words, purely size wise, the 17" prop do not fit to the boat, right? Do you remember the size of your shaft and the other needed measurements? My I call you today? (could you please drop your phone number

Keep in touch


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