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S&S Swan General - Braided copper cable at stern (grounding)
13 August 2021 - 20:28
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Braided copper cable at stern (grounding)


In 411/027 Bacchus I have a flat braided copper cable near the stern that is connected to the ground cable. It had become very brittle and broke into pieces. Does anybody know where it was connected to, and what is the purpose?

By the way, should the quadrant and rudder be connected to the ground?



14 August 2021 - 15:28
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Dear Tapio

In the stern you can normally expect to find a cable or copper strips which are not connected to the electrical system:
-The lightning protection cable coming from the backstay chainplate, if  the backstay is not used as an antenna. This is a round cable with plastic cover, led to a common point on the mast step.
-If there is an SSB radio with the backstay used as antenna, one or several strips of thin copper sheet. If there are several strips on the top of stringers and frames, this forms a ground plane for the mentioned radio.
The electrical system on Swans is not bonded, meaning that no cables are run from components in contact with the water to a common point.
The braided cable can be removed
Kind regards

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